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On this website you will find all of Gourmand Gunno's reviews of restaurants in London and across other parts of the UK, dating back to August 2012. The blog is updated regularly, with most recent reviews listed first. It is fully searchable, both by restaurant name and by style of cuisine/ location.

Please be reminded that all content on this website is subjective, the personal opinion of the reviewer, and one that has not been informed by any sponsorship on the part of any restaurant or establishment.

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Gourmand Gunno is in his early 40s, lives in central London and has enjoyed eating for as long as he can remember.

Work, travel and social commitments mean that Gourmand Gunno can be found in restaurants quite regularly and after some prompting by his wife, he started reviewing restaurants in mid-2012. He was the winner of Square Meal's 'Critic of the Year' award in 2014 and now reviews for them on a freelance basis in addition to maintaining his blog.

When not in restaurants, Gourmand Gunno enjoys cooking his own food and drinking wine (he has a WSET Honours Diploma, one level below Master of Wine), but also a range of other more wholesome pursuits such as reading, skiing, hiking, swimming and travelling.

Alex has recently published a novel, which has almost nothing to do with restaurants.