Boopshi’s: Sehr Gut (December 2013)

Most people would struggle to identify many notable things about Austria, a country in central Europe with a population around the size of London whose most famous export is arguably Arnold Schwarzenegger. Against this background, onto the already-crowded London dining scene comes Boopshi’s, billed as a ‘Schintzel and Sprtiz’ experience. For the non-German speaking this simply means veal in breadcrumbs accompanied with sparkling wine – think of it perhaps as a continental version of the hot dogs and champagne offered by nearby Bubbledogs. However, there is no Alpine kitsch here at Boosphi’s, just a very minimalist look in terms of the décor with the main focus being on the food. It was indeed high quality and pretty authentic too (my grandparents came from this part of the world and so I have some ability to judge). The brothers who set Boopshi’s up also have their family origins in central Europe and it is evident both from the composition of the menu and the quality of the dishes that they have done their research, with clear attention to ingredients/ detail too. All the dishes are also priced competitively: £5-8 for starters, mains from £10 and sides at £2-3. Both my comrade and I opted for the Schnitzel, a piece of lean and juicy veal lightly fried and flavoured both by fresh lemon juice and the wonderful addition of a rich and creamy duck egg. We rated our sides too – spatzle (egg noodles) and sauerkraut (pickled cabbage). Sadly no room for the desserts, although they sounded tempting – apple strudel and chocolate tart (Sachertorte) among others. An Austrian style beer brewed locally in Camden was a nice additional touch. All in all, great comfort food (and drink), admittedly without the bracing Alpine air to work it off after.