dindin Kitchen: Persian food For everyone (July 2014)

For anyone in search of something a little new and different – but also very good, fresh, healthy and innovative – then a visit to dindin is a must. On our way to the restaurant, my comrade and I discussed how much the London dining scene had changed in the last ten years, becoming much more varied and definitely better as a result. While this is obviously true at the high-end, where diners can sample food from around the globe, the more casual all-day dining scene has also improved markedly. The English sandwich may be the perennial staple, but sushi, salads and the like have complemented the two humble slices of bread plus filling. Now, dindin offers a very valid alternative. Its first of potentially several outlets is located on Gray’s Inn Road and the initial impression is of a light, airy and spacious venue, filled with bold colours and clean lines. There is a wide range of both hot and cold dishes either for taking away or consuming at their functional yet comfortable tables. On the occasion we visited, the place seemed busy, primarily populated with nearby workers, many of whom already seemed to have adopted dindin as a regular local haunt. My comrade and I opted for two different dips to begin – aubergine and beetroot – accompanied by flat bread. If there was a common theme, it was undoubtedly one of freshness of flavour, all the dishes being prepared on-site, in the large downstairs kitchen. We followed these with grills, lamb for me, chicken for my comrade. They took up where the dips left off, and the prevailing sensation was one of eating good-quality, home-cooked food. The flavoursome nature of the rice, enhanced with saffron and fresh dill, was particularly notable, especially when combined with the tender and lean meat. For diners with larger appetites, soups and stews are also available, as well as a range of breakfast options for early-birds. All this is priced fairly, aimed at level comparable, say, to Itsu. I shall return, and certainly expect dindin to prove a welcome addition to the London scene.