Mayfair Pizza Co: A good alternative (April 2015)

Mayfair has no shortage of fine dining options adorned with Michelin stars, but sometimes something as simple as a pizza is all one wants. In this respect, the Mayfair Pizza Co. does the job. It is also a notable improvement on its predecessor in this venue (Rocket). After climbing a narrow staircase, diners enter a light-filled room. Tables are also well-spaced and it is possible to have a decent conversation with your dining comrade without either having to shout or feel that others are listening in. The fayre is pretty standard, around a dozen pizzas as well as a handful of pasta options and salads. My comrade went for a caprina with goat’s cheese, while I selected a seasonal special comprising ham, mushroom and artichoke. The crusts on both were thin and toppings substantial. Priced at £10-15 each, this is good value food for Mayfair standards. Our carafe of Montepulciano (again selected from a brief list) was adequate, but did the job. Service was efficient, but again far from stand-out. No complaints; simple can be good.