Circus (April 2014)

Circus is great fun, have no doubt about it, but the reason for going is the entertainment, namely a lot of burlesque dancing or, put another way, grown-up striptease (assuming that’s your cup of tea). Against this background, food seems – and is – almost an after-thought. Circus, like so many other wannabe places claims to offer a ‘pan-Asian’ menu. In other words, what you get is a little bit of everything, almost all appallingly prepared and thoroughly tasteless. Among the most memorable (in a bad way) dishes were the spicy squid starter (far too much batter, almost no squid or spice) and the chicken curry (an anonymous mass in an overly creamy and flavourless sauce). The salmon main and aubergine side were slightly more redeeming features. Nonetheless, although the food bordered on the most uninspiring eaten in a ‘restaurant’ for some time, it didn’t really matter: the alcohol flowed (in our group at least), the staff had a great attitude and the entertainment was fairly novel. Do go, but not with the expectation of having a fine meal.